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-election campaign, university of california, biggest donor microsoft, google, harvard. i'm outraged. all right? u.s. government. nau i don't know how that works. d.b. piper. sydney austin. i have no idea who that is. anything surprise you on that list. >> the surprise here is going back to 2008. >> and 2004, in looking at the number of banks that he has lost. he has lost wall street. >> bill: banks are giving to romney. harvard pinheads and university of california. sydney austin a law firm they are ponying up for him. goldman sachs, bank of america, jp morgan. morgan stanley just as you said all the banks. credit swiss. citigroup. wells fargo, kirkland and elvis that's a law firm. the banks have gone for romney why? >> they have gone because primarily dodd frank. if they listened to governor romney in that debate talking about too big to fail and dodd frank. he is going to get rid of too big to fail. they are thinking right now can i stop that check before it clears. >> bill: what's too big to fail again. >> too big to fail is a bank like jp morgan chase. >> bill: the government guarantees you a
. then bernie goldberg on press reaction to the rumble and adam corolla on record high gas prices in california. those reports after these messages >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, some new polling is mostly good news for governor remain 9-11 but president obama has bright spots as well. according to a pugh survey, just out today, among likely voters, romney now leads obama 49-45. three weeks ago, pugh had the president on top 51-43. that's quite a turn around. it's due to the debate where 66% told pugh they say mitt romney won. just 20% believe mr. obama prevailed. rasmussen dale tracking poll today has the race tied among likely voters. 48% each. in iowa and colorado, the president is hanging tough. in iowa, it's obama 49, romney 47. colorado, obama 49, romney 48. both are dead heats within the margin of error. joining us from washington, democratic strategist marge mcclinton in for juan williams and mary katherine ham. the pugh number, 49-45 surprised me, mary katherine. same with you? >> i was a little surprised at how far it moved. i'm not surprised it's moving in mitt romney's favo
comment from open secrets dot-org. president obama's re-election campaign, university of california, biggest donor, microsoft, goog eel harvard! i'm outraged. u.s. government -- i don't know that works. deloit, dl piper, stanford university, kaiser, sidly austin. anything surprise ow here on that list? >> the surprise here is going back to 2008 and 2004 and locking at the number of banks that obama has lost. he has lost wall street. >> the banks are giving to romney. harvard pinheads and the university of california, that sidly austin is a law firm. here's the romney done ogoldman sachs, bank of america, j.p. morgan, morgan stanley, all the banks, credit criss, citigroup,bar clays, dirkland, that's a law firm. the banks have gone for romney, why? >> they are gone primary because of dodd-frank issue but if they lich to governor romney in that debate, talking about too big to fail and dodd frank, they are thinking, can i stop that check before it clears? >> what is too big to fail? >> that's a bank like j.p. morgan, chase -- >> so the government guarantees they won't go out of busines
. listen, i live in california and i can tell you who else got screwed by arnold schwarzenegger. not just the help. >> bill: don't, don't, don't please. wield like to walk out of here with just a little litigation from drew and nobody else. >> the good people who live in california. >> bill: talking of making a political metaphor. i don't want to go down that other road that we certainly don't want to open. >> no. >> bill: you and i agree it's inexplicable for a guy like arnold waziristan to, number one, write the book and number two go out and promote the book when he knows people are going to hammer him and all of that. >> also, let me ask you this about. >> bill: go ahead. >> how surprise is the maria shriver? first up, she is a kennedy. >> bill: i don't know her very well. >> she is a kennedy. you don't think she saw this one coming? >> >> bill: i don't know. >> is he an athlete, actor and politician. of course is he is going to have extramarital affairs. that's what they do. >> bill: i would never say that i know maria shriver she seems to be a nice woman. she doesn't deserve all of
. not as bad as california, but getting close. the appeals court here ruled that marriage between a man and woman is invalid now, right? >> no, no. all of our marriages are no longer valid. >> what did they rule? >> the defense of marriage act passed under president clinton that defined marriage as between a man and woman has been declared unconstitutional. >> that's what i said. man and woman is unconstitutional. you can't get mad. it is unconstitutional. >> it says marriage can only be defined as between a man and woman. it is opening it up to marriage between a man and a man and woman and a woman and paving the way for gay marriage at the federal level. >> what about three girls and a guy? how about the commune thing? >> that's been your argument all along, a slippery slope. it just struck down a law that the obama administration refused to defend. the defense of marriage act, if you can be -- if you can think of it as a person it was a tough position, and it really had no forcible government advocate. they had a guy who is a great arguer, but the government who is supposed to go in
supporting the republic party. before he left, i talked with him from santa barbara, california. >> bill: so, miller, were you as bored as i was during the final debate? i mean, watching this -- it was stupefying. >> no. i thought it was a great debate. i thought romney orchestrated a three act arc there. i think barack obama -- by the way, i would remind everybody, i'm not saying it's anymore than it is, all four debates the dem had more time than the republic. i'm not saying it's the end of the world or paranoid. i'm saying in all four debates they had more time. i sometimes wish president obama was as aggressive with the arab world as he is with americans who disagree with him. i mean, you know, he had to have his one jerk moment, i think of them as, where he pulled out the bayonets and the ponies, you know, something, bill, at some point a show of force marines outside the fixed bayonets outside the benghazi consulate would have been something to preclude what happened over there last month. romney is presidential and obama is like the goes some columnist for the picayune times. i wish h
who lives in san that barbara, california. mr. miller opining i hope the president's but the -- butt kicking is covered by obama care. apparently mr. miller believes mitt romney won the debate. that's true the governor did win. how do i know? because i turned to msnbc. the commentators there looked like per persians watching the germans march into paris in 1940. there was general heart break on that cable network. there was joy in the romney precincts. how did romney manage to outtalk president obama? he did it because weighs far more energetic and engaged in what he was actually saying. here is the best line mr. romney had. >> i will not reduce the share paid by high income individuals. i know that you and your running made keep saying that and i know it's a popular thing to say with a lot of people but it's just not the case. look, i have got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that's not always true but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping i will belief it that's not the case. all right? i will not reduce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> bill: that
's get right to this stage of southern california. joins us from santa barbara. lavar burton, very eloquent. and you're following the big bird controversy you and say? >> i can't say big bird anymore, first off. so i'm going to say pulay grande 'cause i'm getting tired of hearing big bird. levin, sesame vet made 356 bucks. they don't need more sesame seed money. people like lavar, who is a nice guy and sandra fluke have to realize that they're missing the big point. we're broke. if we spend a whole lot more money, the chinese who now own big bird, are going to come in, defeather him, glaze him and serve him as peacing big bird. and make $350 million a year and i'm wondering if we have to participate in it. why don't they kick in some back end towards the national debt? why does a creep like bill moyers get the back end money? start giving the american people their taste. >> bill: i want to stop you there. two things. big bird isn't a duck. and miller is -- >> no reason to tackle me over jokes. i'm trying to do jokes. you secret service, for god's sake. >> bill: i didn't want chines
happened in wisconsin, that's what's happening all over the place. your state, california, bankrupt. it can't pay the pensions. >> i see the municipal workers and the teachers as being the last preservation of organized labor in this country. we borrow and borrow and borrow and borrow but now it's all coming to the end because they can't borrow any more money. the workers are going to have to take it on the chin a little bit the municipal workers. they are just going to have to. >> just take iou's. >> bill: all right. you want an iou from jerry brown? good luck. >> not particularly jerry brown. >> bill: the folks just can't afford it anymore. >> we can't afford it if our taxation system in this country became legitimized. >> bill: in france they want 75% to tax people at the high end. 75%. >> i'm not at the high end. >> bill: come on now. i mean mary tyler moore lou grant show. >> why are you talking about ancient history? >> bill: you didn't save any money? >> i spent it. >> you got spunk. >> i hate spunk. >> bill: i'm supposed to pick up your old age. >> i paid taxes on that. social secur
winding its way through the city of angels, smoke ares the new lepers, joining us from burbank, california, alan carolla. i don't know how you are standing it out there. the endeavour rolling along on the streets and everybody is going crazy. what is going on? what is this? >> well, it moved from lax to a museum near downtown l.a. at about 2 and a half miles per hour which is actually faster than the average speed of traffic in los angeles. we squandered an opportunity here, bill. we should have taken that space shuttle just up the 405 freeway about 80 miles to the mexican border and done a couple of victory laps. basically said, listen, stop all the drug running, stop all the cutting the heads off and putting them in duffle bags, go ahead and hit the algebra books and you too could have one of these. by the way, we're done with this one. that's how good we are. we are retiring this. >> bill: this is on salute. >> this is an 8 track cassette to us. >> bill: you, aadam carolla had you been in charge of this would have use endeavour as motivational tool to the mexican government to improve i
ronald reagan presented himself that way, when he was no longer an actor from california but a serious guy who americans said, you know what, this guy could do it, they turned over to carter and said you are screwing it up. >> i think that would say in reverse order. they had their doubts about carter. results were poor and they were looking to reagan if he was someone other than the dangerous person he had been characterized as. if the campaign you have the obama people that mitt romney is somebody -- you'll probably harry this tonight -- wants to get us in more wars. romney may be aggressive in the debate but he needs people to think that he won't use willy-nilly force. >> bill: that is an easy. >> it may be easy and may not be easy but it is necessary. >> bill: if romney says the way you layout of wars be strong, that is what is he going to say. >> perhaps, we'll see how he does with that question. he is going to have to argue that the presence of strength and the belief in the world that you are willing to use it is what keeps the peace. that is the argument that i think is strong
segment this evening. go right to the sage of southern california. southern santa barbara. i know you are rooting for mitt romney tonight. what's your advice for him? >> at the beginning i think he should come out and say listen, mr. president. keep this above board if you promise to meet me i will promise not to be nasty with you like joe biden does. that way i would keep it above board. biden is doing more harm than anybody to the president. this guy is shakier to jinga tower. i think mitt romney is doing great. i know everybody else is bummed out. guess what? i have seen the light. he is either even or within the range of error and most of these things for men who has been defied. to say the press swoon over him. they will nitpick my guy out the wazoo. i'm telling you 35 days out this cat is in good shape. whatever is he doing i think he should keep doing it. >> bill: okay. rasmussen has him pretty much tied if you have the margin of error put in. >> that's mind boggling. >> bill: the point is well taken. with the press rooting for the president and with the money that the presiden
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 58 (some duplicates have been removed)

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